Understanding Human Tendencies

There are basic human tendencies that assist the natural development of all human beings. Knowing and understanding human tendencies help guide parents and teachers in preparing both the home and the classroom environment for their children.

Children who have been raised in environments prepared according to human tendencies tend to be secure, healthy, and happy children who pursue activities and life with little hesitation and a lot of energy.

Understanding Human Tendencies
Consider the following human tendencies when preparing the environment for your children.

Orientation: People want to know their place in the world. They want to know how the people and things in it compare to themselves to understand where they fit in.

Order: Chaos and confusion are unsettling. Therefore humans try to find patterns and classification systems so that they can make sense of the world.

Exploration: Human beings are naturally curious. Through exploration and investigation, they learn from their discoveries.

Communication: There is a natural desire to communicate. Regardless of the culture or time period, human beings have shared experiences and exchanged information.

Work: Throughout history, humans have shown the ability and willingness to work and strive for not only survival but improvement in life.

Activity: Active involvement with the surrounding environment allows people to learn and further their self-development.

Exactness: Humans perceive when things don't fit together. When this happens, they adjust, refine, and improve.

Repetition: All humans learn through practice. This repetition allows them to reach closer to perfection.

Manipulation: There is a connection between learning and doing. Humans work with their hands to establish the connection between their mind and their hands.

Abstraction & Creativity: Humans have the ability to draw conclusions, conceptualize, synthesize & imagine from experiences in the real world. They can imagine that which does not exist and can think beyond the concrete and real. Self-perfection: Healthy human beings have a natural desire to improve. They find satisfaction in their own personal growth and want to perfect themselves.